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Pet-Inno hopes to raise $30,000 to bring an Automatic Pet Groomer to market

Pet-Inno Products Limited, a Hong Kong-based innovative pet products company, announces today the introduction of its own PETech line and the launch of its very first product, the exceptional InnoBrush on Kickstarter – An automatic pet grooming brush that’s easy to use and hassle-free to clean up.


InnoBrush is an automatic brush that helps you groom your dog of all breeds. Effortless brushing to remove loose hairs, dead hairs and knots with ease. Inno Brush comes with 3 roller brushes which can handle different kinds of hair.  It is lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to handle.  Groom your dogs fast and clean. One of the brush heads doubles as a massager. Massage is a great way for relaxing and bonding! It works for cats too.

Pet-Inno’s Founder and Director of Product Development, Mr Jacky Liu, said: “I have been a pet owner for over twenty years. They have enriched my lives in more ways than one. I am always trying to do all that I can for them but grooming has been a very frustrating experience. I am proud to introduce InnoBrush. With InnoBrush, the time and efforts spent on grooming our pets are much less, leaving us more time to play and bond with them.”

Key Features

Saves time

  • Upto 1000 brushing strokes per minute, grooming with InnoBrush is easily 5 to 10 times faster than normal manual brushing.  

Saves efforts

  • Effectively removes knots and tangles. The motorized brushes do all the work and makes grooming almost effortless.

3 Inter-Changeable Roller Brushes

  • Suitable for All Coats and Breeds and cater for different needs

Clean & Mess-Free

  • Connectable to household vacuum cleaners to suck away loose hair, dirt and insects instantly! Guarantee not messy after grooming. Hassle-free to clean up.

Light Weight & Easy To Handle

  • InnoBrush weighs only 580 gm. Lighter than a normal hair dryer. Ergonomically designed handle even kids can hold.

Safe and Reliable

  • 12V DC Motor and Variable Speed Control to ensure safety and reliability

Comfortable and Relaxing for Pets

  • Groom and massage with one device.  Your pet will enjoy the comfort and caring actions of InnoBrush. 


Power Input

  • 100/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating voltage : 12V

Brushing speed

  • 40-130 r.p.m
  • Up to 1000 brushing strokes/min

Product Size and Weight

  • Size : 260x115x100mm
  • Weight : 580gm

Shipment Size and Weight

  • Size : 280x260x165mm
  • Weight : 1.4 kg

Noise Level

  • <65db

You can back InnoBrush on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $79 for the Early Bird backers.

For more information, please visit InnoBrush’s website here and Pet-Inno's website here.


Pet-Inno Products Limited was founded in Hong Kong by two seasoned engineers. Its mission is to create products which are unique, effective and can help improve the well-bring of pets.


PR Contact:  

Ms Cherry Lim

Pet-Inno Products Limited