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InnoBrush Accessories


InnoBrush Accessories


Items sold on this page complements our pet brusher and requires the main appliance to operate.


Introducing InnoBrush 

Now we are bringing our knowhow and expertise to fellow pet owners. With InnoBrush, the time and efforts spent on grooming our pets are much less, leaving us more time to play and bond with them. 

How the Product Works 

InnoBrush comes with three interchangeable brush heads. Choose the one for your pet, push the button to power it on and hold the brush on your pet’s coat. Adjust the brushing speed by simply pushing the ON/OFF button back and forth. You may also connect a vacuum cleaner to it to suck up any loose hair, dirt, dead skin and small insects while brushing. Now let it do the work. When you’re finished, turn it off and open the dust collector for no fuss clean-up. 

Benefits of the Product

With up to 1000 brushing strokes per minute, it allows you quickly and effectively brush your dog, regardless of the breed. Brushing speed is adjustable depending on your pet’s grooming needs. One of the brush heads doubles as a massager. Massage is a great way for relaxing and bonding! The vacuum action sucks up any messy loose hair, dirt, dead skin and small insects while you brush your pets. The connection to the vacuum makes for easy clean up. With the InnoBrush, you can spend less time grooming your pets and clean-up the aftermath and spend more time playing with your pets.

Why InnoBrush? 

The InnoBrush is designed with the need of different dog breeds in mind. The easily interchangeable brush heads cater to the needs of dogs with short, medium and long coats. Knots and tangled hair are easily removed. It is also light and easy to handle, minimizing the time and efforts when compared to traditional grooming tools, allowing owners to do this at home with ease. The InnoBrush is designed to be pet friendly and produce very low noise. However, the vacuum cleaners available on the market are often a bit noisy and therefore some noise when in use is unavoidable. 

Product Design

The InnoBrush is a fully automatic dog brush that comes with three brush heads for the grooming needs of different breeds. It is light weight and ergonomically designed to be comfortable and maneuverable that even a child can handle. The 12V motor is safe and reliable yet it produces enough torque to provide up to 1000 brushing strokes/minute. It is simple to clean up loose hair and easy to maintain, making it a dog owner’s dream for pet grooming. 



Power Input

  • 100/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating voltage : 12V

Brushing speed

  • 40-130 r.p.m
  • Up to 1000 brushing strokes/min

Product Size and Weight

  • Size : 260x115x100mm
  • Weight : 560gm

Shipment Size and Weight

  • Size : 280x260x165mm
  • Weight : 1.4 kg

Noise Level

  • <65db